Employees Honored at IMESD In-Service

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In late August, the IMESD held its annual In-Service for its employees. More than 200 employees gathered at the Pendleton Convention Center to kick off the school year to the theme of “One Person Can Make a Difference.”

The morning began with a welcome from Dr. Mark Mulvihill, IMESD Superintendent. He was followed by representatives of the Classified and Licensed employee associations and Kathy Neal, Chair of the IMESD Board of Directors, welcoming all staff to the 2015-2016 school year.

Years of Service Awards were then announced. Thirteen employees were recognized for 5 years of service, eight employees for 10 years of service, six employees for 15 years of service and two employees for 20 years of service. For 25 years of service to the IMESD, two employees were honored: Mike Palmblad (School Psychology and Behavioral Services) and Diane Stauffer (Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education). For 30 years of service, Carol Unterseher (Speech Language Pathology) was honored. “We are so pleased to recognize these dedicated employees, who have given so many valuable years to our organization,” Superintendent Mulvihill said.

During the rest of In-Service, new employees were introduced and other awards for exceptional service to the IMESD were given. Superintendent Mulvihill highlighted the continued commitment the IMESD and its employees have to provide the highest level of service in special education, instructional services, technology, business services, communications and more to its 18 component school districts in four counties in eastern Oregon.