IMESD Provides Free Hearing Screenings to Students This Fall

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The IMESD will provide free hearing screenings to public elementary school students at area schools this fall.

Hearing screenings are conducted annually by the IMESD’s Audiology Department for public school students in Umatilla, Morrow and Union counties. The program is cooperatively sponsored by 18 regional school districts.

Students to be screened include Kindergarten, first and third grade students, new students to a county and parent/teacher/principal referrals of students in other grades. Children who fail the initial screening will be re-screened within a three-week period.

Screenings begin September 1 and continue through November 12.

Parents who DO NOT want their child’s hearing to be screened should notify their child’s school as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding the hearing screening program, please contact your local school principal or the IMESD Audiology Department at 541-966-3147.