ORBIDA Dyslexia Simulation & Dyslexia 101: Put Yourself into the Shoes of a Dyslexic

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On April 25, 2015 from 9:30AM to 12:00PM, the InterMountain ESD and Pendleton Special Education Parent Teacher Association are offering a special workshop for anyone who would like a better understanding of dyslexia. This workshop is designed with several activities and simulations to demonstrate what it’s like to have dyslexia and how to use effective teaching techniques to assist students.

Dyslexia effects up to 20% of the population worldwide and symptoms range from mild to severe. Dyslexia effects individuals in any area of language: reading, writing, spelling, speaking, or verbal language. It is classified as a cognitive disorder, not an intelligence problem.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Get the facts about Dyslexia
  • Experience the frustration and feelings of failure that individuals with dyslexia feel daily
  • Learn about effective teaching techniques

Join Us For This Free Training! It is open to parents, educators, community agencies and partners.