Recognizing our Occupational Therapists for National OT Month

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The month of April has been designated as the month to recognize all occupational therapy personnel.  Occupational therapists provide invaluable services and inspiration to their students, family, teachers and staff.  InterMountain Education Service District has a total of 4 therapists working either part-time or full time.  These awesome individuals serve many students in the schools and an additionally children in the Early Education Program.

Our occupational therapists collaborate with their students, families, teachers and school staff to meet the individual needs of each child.  Occupational therapy services include a wide range of support including assessment and evaluation, fine motor skill development and positioning strategies and techniques.

Children from birth to 21 years with mild to severe sensory/motor impairments are served within Morrow, Umatilla, Grant, and Union Counties.

We want to not only recognize, but to thank our amazing occupational therapists!  You have the opportunity to make the lives of the children you serve better every day.  May our words of gratitude and the smiles of the children reward you for your hard work and dedication!