Introducing the Umatilla County Employment First team

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Who We Are: We are a consortium of individuals representing the public and private sectors dedicated to promoting employment for people with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities (DD/ID) in Umatilla County, Oregon. Our members include social service providers, employment specialists, school staff, self-advocates with disabilities, families, and community members.

What is a developmental and/or intellectual disability? DD/ID is a lifelong disability characterized by significant limitations in intellectual and/or physical functioning, identified between the ages of birth to eighteen years of age.

What We Do: We work locally to promote jobs for people with disabilities. We meet regularly and do public informational outreach, meet with school-aged individuals, their families, and teachers to discuss the transition to adult life and employment. Some of us act as a state-funded system to find good employee-employer matches, provide free training to employers on how to train their employees, and provide continued, ongoing support to those employers and employees who need it. Fundamentally, we believe that everyone, regardless of the severity of their disability, has unique abilities and contributions they can and should make to their community and its workplaces.

What We Want: We want to meet with community members and employers to demonstrate the business value of hiring people with disabilities, engage community more fully in this effort, and not only encourage local employers to hire the people we support, but provide support to the employers as well.

For more information, please contact Cynder Lammers-Smith at InterMountain ESD, or 541-966-3135.