Local Service Plan

About the Local Service Plan

As a result of HB 3184, the annual resolutions process was merged into the development of a local service plan, to be developed jointly by the education service district and its component school districts. This local service plan must include the following services:

  1. Programs for children with special needs, including, but not limited to, special education services for at-risk students and professional development for employees who provide those services.  
  2. Technology support for component school districts and the individual technology plans of those districts, including, but not limited to, technology infrastructure services, data services, instructional technology services, distance learning, and professional development for employees who provide those services.
  3. School improvement services for component school districts, including, but not limited to, services designed to support component school districts in meeting the requirements of state and federal law, services designed to allow the education service district to participate in and facilitate a review of the state and federal standards related to the provision of a quality education by component school districts, services designed to address school-wide behavior and climate issues, and professional technical education and professional development for employees who provide those services.  
  4. Administrative and support services for component school districts, including, but not limited to, services designed to consolidate component school district business functions, liaison services between the Oregon Department of Education and component school districts, and registration of children being taught by private teachers, parents, or legal guardians pursuant to ORS 339.035.

The Board of Directors of the InterMountain ESD believes the creation of a Local Service Plan in cooperation with its member districts, and the clear articulation of every program and service offered by the IMESD leads to enhanced understanding, more effective communication and greater equity of service for all students.


The criteria for approval of the Local Service Plan is two-thirds of the component districts, with at least 50 percent of the students, must vote in favor of the plan (Ors 334.175(5)(a)(b).

Amendment Procedure

The Local Service Plan can be amended by a resolution of constituent district boards and approval of the IMESD Board using the same criteria to approve the original plan (ORS 334.175 (6).

Local Service Plan

2017-2018 IMESD Local Service Plan

2016-2017 IMESD Local Service Plan

2015-2016 IMESD Local Service Plan

2014-2015 IMESD Local Service Plan

2013-2014 IMESD Local Service Plan (PDF)

2012-2013 IMESD Local Service Plan (PDF)

2011-2012 IMESD Local Service Plan (PDF)

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