Administrative Contacts

Position Name Phone E-mail
Superintendent Dr. Mark Mulvihill 541-966-3102
Executive Asst. to the Superintendent Marla Royal 541-966-3102
Asst. Superintendent Jon Peterson 541-966-3107
Chief Financial Officer Beth O'Hanlon 541-966-3103
Director of Special Education Mary Apple 541-966-3129
Director of Business Development Rob Naughton 541-966-3110
Director of Communication and Print Solutions Michele Madril 541-966-3115
Director of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Marissa Loiland 541-966-3142
Deputy Director of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Cade Burnette
Director of Facilities Larry Glaze 541-966-7634
Director of Human Resources Jerry Copeland 541-966-3206
Director of Information Technology Cheri Rhinhart 541-966-3181
Deputy Director of Information Technology Nick Lapp 541-966-3183
Director of Instructional Services Eric Volger 541-966-3163
Director of Regional Programs & Related Services Tonya Smith 541-966-3145
Director of School Psychology & Behavioral Services Leigh Nolte 541-966-3136
Program Resources Director Denyce Kelly 541-966-3216

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