Chronic Absenteeism: Spotlight on Gib Olinger Elementary of Milton Freewater

November 15th was Math Night at Gib Olinger Elementary in Milton-Freewater. It was a great success with 183 attendees! GREAT WORK GIB OLINGER TEAM! 

The students and families had a great evening learning and having fun doing it! Among the many stations was a booth on attendance and chronic absenteeism.  Paul Verstraete, State-wide Chronic Absenteeism Coordinator, Liz Durant, Behavior Education Specialist, Ami Muilenburg, Principal, and Landon Braden, Regional Chronic Absenteeism Coordinator all had a great time working with the kids and sharing with the attendees what chronic Absenteeism was and why it is so important to come to school. 

landon braden math night milton freewater


math night milton freewatermath night volunteers

The students had the chance to roll dice and add or multiply the numbers together to get a total to represent potential missed days of school for the year. The kids would then use an interactive tool to slide a bar that showed them the correlation missed school days had on their reading and math scores. Many students and community members were surprised to find out that 18 totals absences during a school year make a student "chronically absent". The attendance booth had many resources for families, students, educators and community members.  Among the most popular resources was an attendance tracker to help students track their absences.



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