Chronic Absenteeism: Spotlight on Hermiston School District

HSD logo"Hermiston School district has set the goal of increasing attendance by 5% this year. The district will make focused efforts with students who are considered “Chronically Absent”.  To help with this, the district has assembled an attendance team that will meet throughout the year to evaluate data, implement attendance initiatives and guide the district in meeting their new attendance goal. The team is comprised of the Regional Chronic Absenteeism Coordinator and three administrators, one from Elementary, Middle and High School.

The district has also hired 5 new deans of students that will in part implement the district’s attendance initiatives at the building level. Each building will develop their own individual team that will review data as well as report to each of the three administrators on the attendance team. 

In the coming weeks, Hermiston will be starting a new attendance initiative that will reward students with one of 9 colored wristbands for improving attendance. The focus, to encourage monthly attendance rates that will lead to overall yearly attendance. To support data tracking, Superintendent Tricia Mooney dedicated funds to add to our student data system to help support staff in tracking student attendance and communication with families. As a district, we are excited to see the remarkable gains in attendance." 
Jake Bacon – Principal
Highland Hills Elementary
Hermiston School District 8R

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