Early Childhood Education and Behavioral Health Summit

Behavioral Health Summit

550 attendees piled into the Pendleton Convention Center on Friday, October 11th to attend the third year of the Early Childhood Education and Behavioral Health Summit. The summit consists of a keynote speaker along with several breakout sessions that participants can attend throughout the day.

This year’s keynote speaker was Jessica Cabeen, a principal and digital leader of Early Learning. Cabeen came a long way from Minnesota to speak about creating partnerships with families and communities to developing your best self. She set the bar high for the attendees, asking them to join together in collaboration and not to compete with one another as we are all working towards the bigger picture of educating our early learners.

Attendees came from at least 18 counties and from all different organizations, including DHS, UMCHS, OCDC and Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub. The event is free to attendees, thanks to all of the sponsors, so make sure you save the date for next year, the second Friday in October!

For more information about this year’s summit, visit BlueMountainEarlyLearningHub.org.

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