Employees Get On Board for 2019-20 School Year!

group photo

About 240 IMESD employees gathered on August 14 for the agency’s annual In-Service, which welcomes employees back for the new school year. The event was at the Pendleton Convention Center.

The theme of the 2019-20 year is All Aboard! Recognizing and Sharing Excellence, which echoed throughout the morning with a series of train “stops” that included videos about “Who We Are”, “What We Do” and “Who We Serve”. Employees were encouraged to share among themselves about their knowledge of the IMESD, the work they do for the agency and how they make a difference.

“Because we are such a diverse agency, with numerous services, sometimes employees who work in one department don’t really understand what another department does. Our goal was to share more information about the ESD as a whole with those who are our best ambassadors – our employees,” said Michele Madril, Director of Communication.

IMESD Superintendent Dr. Mark Mulvihill welcomed employees back and shared an update on the exciting opportunities from the passage of Oregon’s Student Success Act. “We are finally on the cusp of fully funding education for all students in our state, which is a positive step for the futures of our kids,” Mulvihill said.

Kelly Bissinger, chair of the IMESD Board of Directors, also spoke at In-Service, stating how proud he is to be part of the agency. Bissinger asked employees to think about what they do every day, saying that they make a difference long after they leave the IMESD.

In addition to Human Resource updates and service awards, the event also included an IMESD Trivia Game, where employees could test their agency knowledge.

“Serving students in multiple counties in 18 school districts can be a daunting task,” said Superintendent Mulvihill. “With our talented, skilled and dedicated employees, we are ready and looking forward to the 2019-20 school year.”

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