Migrant Students Enjoyed Summer School

students in classroom

For the past 20 years, the InterMountain ESD has provided a Migrant Summer School Program for preschool through 12th grade migrant students. The goal and ultimate purpose of Migrant Summer School is to help students meet Oregon’s state standards in reading and math by providing support to students and their families.

A migrant student is a child whose parent or guardian is a migratory worker, often in agriculture, and has moved from one school district to another during the regular school year. Due to their interrupted education, migrant students often fall behind in academic progress during the year.

This past summer, four school districts in eastern Oregon offered the Migrant Summer School: Milton-Freewater, Morrow County, Umatilla and Hermiston. Depending on the district, the program ranged from two to six weeks. All school districts focus on the state standards in reading, math and high school credit retrieval.

According to Eric Volger, IMESD Director of Instructional Services, the Migrant Summer School Program will continue to grow in coming years. While the process can be slow and improvements do not happen overnight, Volger said the program now focuses much more on practical and hands-on experience, rather than just math and reading. “In addition to providing academics for our migrant students, we know it’s also important for kids to enjoy themselves during the summer months,” he said.


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