Chronic Absenteeism: Spotlight on Enterprise

heros of the hallwayEnterprise Elementary has set goals to assist with improving our attendance rate from 93.15% to 95% We are incorporating many new ideas to assist with motivating students to be on time and ready to learn:

Students receive a red star ticket every morning if they are in their seat and prepared to learn. This ticket is then put into a drawing to win a prize. Examples of past drawings include: a fishing pole, camping gear and outdoor play equipment.

This year we are ramping up our internal systems to bring on mentoring as a way to encourage students to come to school and stay in school. This program is called WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students). We have had 64 dads pledge one full day to come onto our campus and mentor/volunteer with our students. This will result in 544 additional hours of positive adult mentoring. By building positive adult interactions with our students we strongly believe this will assist with all students feeling that they are a part of our school which in turn will encourage students to be at school ready to learn”.

Erika Pinkerton, Superintendent/Principal

Enterprise School District #21

dad and kids

“The Chronic Absenteeism efforts in Wallowa County have been supported and amplified by the Regional Chronic Absenteeism Coordinator (Landon Braden) working for InterMountain ESD  and the Multi-Tiered System of Support Coach (Kayla Hull) working for Wallowa County ESD collaboratively addressing and building resources for Wallowa, Enterprise and Joseph school districts. This combination of support and collaboration is unique but necessary for the students/families in Wallowa County to gain fully the benefits of both initiatives.”


Kayla Hull

MTSS/Instructional Coach

Wallowa Region 18 ESD