Yolanda Westerberg - Implementing Change with Literacy in Mind for Administration, Coaches, and Teacher Leaders

Event Date

Friday, Dec 13th

8:30am - 3:30pm

IMESD Pendleton, Lodgepole-Ponderosa 

Yolanda Westerberg, national writing consultant, will be at IMESD Pendleton to work with Administrators, Instructional Coaches, and Teacher Leaders around supporting and implementing change within a building.  

Improvement in schools starts with teachers, coaches, and administrators collectively focused on bringing all students to higher levels of learning.  Without this collaborative effort, schools cannot see progress, especially those that have limited or no achievement gains (flatlined data). 

Teachers, coaches, and administrators will discover how to work together as teams of leaders to create systematic processes and implement best practices that ensure the learning of every student and to boost literacy success in your building. 

Key Takeways: creating a Literacy Vision for your school across all areas, the year-long literacy plan, knowing your data, and implementing complex change within a school.  

This training is free to IMESD Component Districts and Regional ELD Consortium Members, lunch is provided.  

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Questions about the training?

Ashley Harsin, English Learner Specialist  ashley.harsinatimesd.k12.or.us

Heidi Paullus, Instructional Coach  heidi.paullusatimesd.k12.or.us

For administrators - this session is part of the IMESD Admin Leadership Series, contact Erin Lair if you have questions. erin.lairatimesd.k12.or.us