Making Content Comprehensible, Grades K-12

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Making Content Comprehensible, Grades K-12



Maria Dantas-Whitney, Ph.D.

Professor, ESOL/Bilingual Education

Coordinator, Bilingual Teacher Scholars Program

Western Oregon University


Audience: Teachers grades K-12


Session Description:

This session will focus on literacy/language development across the content areas. When students use language actively to work through content, they store information in long-term memory and they are able to apply what they learn to different contexts and situations. A focus on academic vocabulary, language functions, and structures helps students develop a robust understanding of the topics they are studying. As you know, research has shown that sheltered strategies that are designed for ELs can benefit all students because they emphasize hands-on learning, collaboration, critical thinking, and deep exploration of content.


Join us Monday, June 17th from 8am - 3pm at IMESD in Pendleton

No Registration fee - Workshop is Free!

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Lunch provided too!

Questions: Ashley Harsin, IMESD English Learner Specialist

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