School Wide Writing Reform K-2 with Yolanda Westerberg

Event Date

Implementing, Sustaining, and Celebrating Writing - School-wide Writing Reform

Grades K-2

Audience: Administrators, District leaders, Instructional coaches and team leaders, Classroom teachers, Special services educators

Presenter:  Yolanda Westerberg - Consultant 

Reform in writing will only go well if you decide to make it a priority.  Learn how to rally support, bring on stakeholders and get started! 

Launch your writing class with determination, organization and enthusiasm. 

Session topics will include:

  • Yearlong Planning-Start with the Calendar
  • Common Terminology across grade levels
  • Different Products, Different Structures
  • What is a Mini-Lesson and how do I teach one?
  • Making a Roadmap for Instruction
  • Creating a Community of writers
  • Getting started-the first ten days of school
  • Writing is a skill-teaching stamina, originality and enthusiasm
  • Writing Process made easier
  • Writing about Reading and Taking Neat Notes

Join us Monday, August 12th from 8am - 3pm at IMESD in Pendleton

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Ashley Harsin, IMESD English Learner Specialist

Heidi Paullus, IMESD Instructional Coach