(Pendleton) Connecting Summative Assessment Results and Target Reports to Instructional Practices

Event Date

Time: 8:30 AM  - 11:30 AM

Location: Pendleton IMESD, Lodgepole/Ponderosa Room

Supporting educators, administrators, and superintendents in connecting results on the Oregon Summative Assessment to instructional practices and identifying specific standard as strengths and weakness using local summative assessment data. (Note: It is recommended for administrators to attend with educational teams to engage in a collective understanding and analysis. Educator will need to have access to their test administrator accounts for part of this presentation.)

Presented by Tony Bertrand, ODE

This presentation will address the following topics in supporting educator understanding and use of the OSAS ELA and Mathematics Targets Reports available through the Online Reporting System (ORS) at www.oaksportal.org.


1. Connecting Standards, DOK, Claims, and Targets

2. Examine Targets Report Components

3. Analyze Target Report Connect Targets to Instructional Standards

4. Identify Achievement Trends over multiple instructional years to Identify Gaps and Professional Development Opportunities.

For questions, please contact Erin Lair at erin.lairatimesd.k12.or.us or 541-966-3134.

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