Cohort Graduation Training

Event Date

Cohort Graduation Training for IMESD Consortium School Districts

April 26, 2018, 8:30-noon

Lunch will be provided

Who should attend?

High School principals, High School counselors, High School counseling secretary, Cumulative ADM submitter

What should attendees bring?

Each district team should bring a minimum of one laptop computer because attendees will be actively looking at their data.  Have a user name and password to the ODE Secure Website and ensure your District Security Administrator has given you rights to the Achievement Data Insight application at the district and school level (if your district has multiple high schools), and has rights to the following 3 validations: Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate, Five-Year Cohort Graduation Rate, NCES Dropout and Graduation Rates.



  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Review glossary of terms
  3. Best practices and roles and responsibilities
  4. Work on your district’s projected 2017-18 Five-Year Cohort Graduation data (based on the 2016-17 Four-Year Cohort data)
  5. Lunch provided
  6. If time permits, talk about the projected 2017-18 Four-Year Cohort and cleaning up that data

Please contact Karen Brown Smith (541-966-3124) or Peter Campbell (541-966-3203) if you have any questions.

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Cohort Graduation Training
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