Motivational Video Hooks

Event Date

Facilitated by Joe Buglione, IMESD Instructional Coach

Thursday June 28th (8:30-11:30) at IMESD

What role does video have in your classroom? Come explore how to harness the power of Youtube to organize videos intended to increase curiosity and rethink how we engage students in what they are learning. We will explore the role of using phenomena in instruction across all content areas and share resources to add to your lesson design. Tools explored may include and not limited to the following: Youtube, Safeshare TV, Viewpure, QuietTube, Common Sense Media, Talk Moves, Clipconverter

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These sessions are a part of IMESD Summer Series - If you'd like to see all the offerings in one place and information about PDUs and opportunity for EOU Credit, please visit the Summer Series Website