Student Engagement and Classroom Management (1/16 or 1/17)

Event Date

The Intermountain ESD is hosting a professional development session focused on student engagement strategies and classroom management.  Participants will experience several different strategies, explore more on their own, and discuss what environment quirks are tossed their way in the classrooms with peers in the classroom offering suggestions on how to handle these tough situations.

An agenda could include:

  • What works well, what needs support?
  • Teacher Centered v Student Centered Classrooms
  • Student Routines in the Classroom
  • Planning how to teach your routines
  • Consequences if Routines are not followed
  • Management Choices (class Dojo, Classcraft, clothespin charts, etc)

There are two options for this PD session.  Option 1 is Tuesday, January 16 focusing on strategies meant to support the K-6 elementary teachers working self contained classrooms.  Option 2 is Wednesday, January 17 focusing on strategies meant to support the 6-12 teachers working in a middle or high school classroom.

Due to numbers that have registered, the session will be Tuesday, January 16, supporting all K-12 teachers focusing on strategies and classroom management.

Times for the PD session will be from 8:30-10:30 at the ESD.  This is intended so teachers can attend using a half day sub for this event.

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Please contact Joe Buglione or Heidi Paullus for more information.