Functional Routines/Discrete Trial Training Workshop

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This workshop is designed for secondary staff (Upper Elementary, Middle, High School and Post-secondary) intending to implement evidence-based strategies through the use of the Links Curriculum or the FACTER Curriculum with students who have autism and other developmental disabilities.


What: Participants in the workshop will learn how to:

  • Select routines to teach
  • Individualize routines for your students
  • Assess and take baseline data to determine student independence levels
  • Identify skills to teach based on routine assessments
  • Teach critical skills using discrete trial training and other evidence-based strategies
  • Teach students to perform routines independently
  • Track student progress


The training will focus on assessing, individualizing and teaching functional routines. A process for individualizing routines, identification of skills to teach and how to teach routines will be presented. An additional focus will be on teaching specific skills through the use of Discrete Trial Teaching. Participants will learn how to use Discrete Trial to pre-teach these skills needed for functional routines. Video examples and video practice activities will be incorporated into the workshop. An on-line computerized system will be demonstrated with hands-on practice by the participants.


What you will receive: Participating teams will receive workshop handouts and needed materials/subscriptions to access the Links Curriculum and/or FACTER Program.

Bring to Workshop: Bring a laptop computer or iPad to access Links if possible (not required)


Where:    Inter-Mountain ESD

                   2001 SW Nye Ave. Pendleton, OR


When:       Sept. 25, 2018 (8:30-3:30)  


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Functional Routines/Discrete Trial Training Workshop
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