Community of Best Practice - Ready Math Core Curriculum

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This email is going to administrators of buildings where teachers facilitate math instruction using “Ready Math” by Curriculum Associates.  This opportunity has a vision that teachers with awesome success and stories using this curriculum with their students come together and share their stories with other peers in a community of best practices.  


Do you have a teacher, or two, that do a great job teaching Ready Math, that have positive stories to provide others,  and that will bring back ideas heard from others and share with staff at their buildings? Please forward this registration to them so that they may sign up for this opportunity to converse with other successful teachers in the region growing together.


Click below for registration:

The agenda will look like the following:

  • Introductions and purpose

  • Participants sharing a story of success

  • Facilitated discussion reflecting on stories heard

  • Reflection and Take-Aways



Location at Pendleton School District | 107 NW 10th Street | Pendleton, OR 97801



3-8 Curriculum from 8:15-10:30

K-3 Curriculum from 12:30-2:45


If you have any questions, please contact us at IMESD

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