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Photo: Cheri Rhinhart Cheri Rhinhart, CETL
Director of Information Technology
Photo: Nick Lapp Nick Lapp, CGEIT
Deputy Director of Technology
Photo: Rob Naughton Rob Naughton
Director of Business Development
Photo: Keri Standley Keri Standley
Office Operations Manager

Our Professionals

Name Title Certifications Telephone
Acevedo, Allen Network Analyst CJIS 541.966.3186
Aguilar, Adrian Technology Specialist
Allen, Ryan Helpdesk Support
Allen, Sam Senior Server Analyst CJIS, exacqVision 541.966.3214
Anthes, Jonathan Technology Specialist CJIS 541.240.1694
Asberry, Theo Technology Specialist Dell 541.612.0226
Breshears, Dustin Technology Specialist CJIS, Dell 541.966.3219
Brown, Melanie Technology Specialist CJIS, Dell 541.372.9208
Campbell, Nancy Technology Specialist CJIS
Colton, Jordan Server Analyst CJIS 541.966.3184
Conner, Annett Web Services Analyst CJIS 541.966.4611
Cooper, JD Technology Specialist CJIS 541.216.3387
Criswell, Cindy Telecom Analyst CJIS 541.966.3211
Davison, Rob Helpdesk Support
Denny, Lawson Helpdesk Support 541-215-3087
Douglas, Alea Helpdesk Support
Gard, Jeremiah Network Specialist CJIS, Dell, exacqVision 541.966.4605 or 541.966.3270
George, Forrest Helpdesk Support
Gonzalez, Juan Technology Specialist CJIS
Johnson, Dan Technology Specialist CJIS 541.966.3176
Johnson, Lukas Helpdesk Support
Kerrigan, Patrick Server Specialist 541.676.9128 x2384
Lapp, Frank Printer Support Specialist CJIS 541.966.3223
Lapp, Nick Deputy Director of Technology CGEIT, CJIS, Dell, exacqVision, Veeam VMSP, Veeam VMTSP 541.966.3183
Lasater, Jeremy Server Analyst CJIS, Dell 541.966.3213
Marlin, Scott Senior Technology Specialist Dell 541.473.4831
McDougall, Justine Office Intern
Miller, Melinda E-Rate Program Specialist CJIS 541.966.3221
Mohr, Eric Technology Specialist CJIS 541.966.3166
Naughton, Cindy Server Analyst 541.966.3108
Naughton, Kylee Technology Specialist CJIS 541.966.4613
Naughton, Rob Director of Business Development 541.966.3110
ORourke, Kevin Helpdesk Support
Rhinhart, Cheri Director of Information Technology CETL, CJIS 541.966.3181
Rhyne, Brian Helpdesk Support
Seeger, Casey E-Rate Program Specialist 541.966.3221
Shorter, Noah Helpdesk Support
Sipe, Caden Technology Specialist CJIS
Slippy, Le Anne Technology Specialist CJIS, Dell 541.612.0217
Smelser, Karen Operations Analyst CJIS 541.612.0445
Sou, Joel Technology Specialist 541.966.3217
Standley, Jordan Server Specialist CJIS, exacqVision 541.966.3226
Standley, Keri IT Operations Manager 541.966.4612
Stanger, Jared Helpdesk Support
Stapleton, Travis Senior Technology Specialist CJIS, exacqVision 509.240.6504
Steiger, Mark Technology Specialist CJIS
Stream, Barry Senior Technology Specialist CJIS 541.473.4832
Terry, Philip Technology Specialist CJIS 541.372.9224
Thieme, Levi Helpdesk Support
Weston, Shane Technology Specialist CJIS 541.966.3168
Young, Ryan Helpdesk Support Dell