Comprehensive E-Rate Service

E-Rate Processing

The Schools and Libraries Program of Universal Service Fund provides discounts to eligible schools and libraries to help costs associated with telecommunications and internet access.

Who is Eligible for E-Rate?

  • All public schools, K-12
  • All public libraries
  • Many private, non-profit libraries accessible to the public
  • All non-profit K-12 private and parochial schools with endowments under $50 million

What do we have to offer your school?

  • Knowledgeable staff who specialize in E-Rate
  • Point of contact for problem resolution and program integrity issues.
  • Answers to your E-Rate questions
  • Outstanding success rate
  • Excellent customer service

What Does E-Rate Cover?

Universal Service Fund discounts can be applied to three kinds of services:

  • Telecommunication services, including basic phone services & cellular service.
  • Internet Access, internet service, and web hosting
  • Internal connections, including the wiring and network equipment, that you need to bring information directly to the classroom (this does not include desktop computers, learning software, or teacher training).

Don’t have the time or the resources to apply for E-Rate?

Hire us to help! We'll process your forms in a timely and cost effective manner.

Why outsource your E-Rate?

  • Cost effective
  • Proven process
  • Outstanding success rate
  • One point of contact
  • Forms filed ON TIME
  • Value
  • Peace of Mind

Leave the work and worry up to the IMESD E-Rate team!

For Information Call: 541.966.3221

Need more reasons to choose us to process your E-Rate?

  • Expert help without the cost of full-time salaries
  • More effective use of District funds
  • Flexibility with your personnel and schedules
  • Relief from pressures and deadlines
  • Experience, since the E-Rate programs inception in 1996
  • Strong commitment to our customers
  • Deal well with vendors in getting money to the district
  • Eager to help your district save money


How can I partner with the IMESD E-Rate Team?


School or library develops a technology plan, and provides the ESD with:

  • Signed Contract
  • Telecom & Internet Bill Copies

ESD files Form 470 on behalf of the school or library: Seeking Services


ESD files Form 471 on behalf of the school or library: Service Ordered


ESD files Form 486 on behalf of the school or library: Accepting Receipt of Services


ESD files Form 472 (BEAR) or arranges for invoices to be discounted on behalf of the school or library:

  • Invoicing Vendor for Reimbursement
  School or Library Receives Check or Discounts IMG-left-arrow.png

A Complete Solution...

InterMountain ESD has an E-Rate Team that processes E-Rate applications in accordance with the SLD program rules. Our 15 years of services include filing FCC forms, document retention, program integrity assurance and payment quality assurance reviews.


Serving Over 70 Customers in Oregon, Idaho and Washington!

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For information regarding the E-Rate application process, please contact:

or Toll Free 1-800-522-8396, ext. 3221