InterMountain Online

InterMountain Online is designed to assist school districts by providing online, blended and independent school options for their students. This model allows students to remain in their home school district, while at the same time accessing a personalized and autonomous school program that meets their unique learning needs. The program is available for Kindergarten through 12th grade in a wide array of subject areas. (Intermountain Online is not an independent school program.)

Benefits to accessing InterMountain Online:

  • Student remains enrolled in their school district
  • Access to local supports
  • Access to regional supports
  • Access to local school district programs (extra-curricular)
  • Access to local school district programs (inter-curricular)
  • Graduate with local school district
  • Co-op/network with local users
  • Personalized learning environment
  • Accountability
  • Credit recovery options

InterMountain Online Registration


Chris Bettineski
Intermountain Online Program Coordinator