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The following courses are available for students to take through InterMountain Online.

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Astronomy 1 (by the Missions)

Astronomy is one of the most active and dynamic areas of research right now.  In this class we will explore the basics of astronomy by focusing on what science is being done now, in the future, and how it relates to important missions of the past.  Each week (or two) will feature a different mission, probe, observatory, result or news making event the relates to astronomy and how science influences human endeavors.  To support that topic we will look at the over all types of data generated and why it was chosen but also related questions like the funding sources, the expected results, implication of the work, time lines, and other information that relates to each.

There will not be a textbook or reading assignments – but will be current news articles, questions you will need to do your own research to answer, and expectations of active class community participation.  Possible live conversations with working astronomers and a trip to the LIGO observatory in WA.

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Concepts of Computing (CS 120)

Semester 1 is FULL | Sign up's for Semester 2 will be available at a later date.

Concepts of Computing is a semester dual credit class (.50 high school, 4 BMCC credit). This class covers the following concepts and applications: (concepts) computer systems, hardware fundamentals, systems software, applications software, networking and telecommunications, the Internet, computers in Society and Ethics, (applications) tables, spreadsheets, mail merge, graphics, presentation graphics, and web publishing. Students must be eligible for dual credit classes through BMCC in order to take this class.

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Future Health Profession in Oregon (SC 116)

Future Health Professionals of Oregon is a semester dual credit class (.50 HS, 2 EOU credits) that serves as a starting block for those interested in health careers. The course gives students fundamental skills required in health careers, while allowing them to expand their understanding of the requirements of entry into this field. Students will also experience critical thinking discussions around current topics in contemporary health care. In addition to completing all lessons, students are required to complete a 12 hour job shadow placement in the health field. Students may complete an instructor approved project in lieu of a job shadow placement. This class is designed for students who have completed at least .50 credit of high school level Health, and meet any additional prerequisite requirements.

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Health 2 (HWS 250)

Health 2 (HWS 250) is a dual credit semester (.50 credit, 3 EOU credits) class that explores current personal health issues. Topics include family health, mental health, stress management, and human sexuality. Special emphasis is placed on preventative practices. The course is offered for dual credit through EOU. This class is open to students who have completed at least one semester of high school level Health.

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Health Occupations

Health Occupations is a semester class (.50 credit) designed to help students identify and research professions in the healthcare field. Students will be required to identify characteristics such as: educational and certification requirements, salary schedules, places to obtain appropriate education, etc. for a wide variety of jobs in the healthcare profession. Students will consider a variety of health occupations and whether or not they have an interest in pursuing them as a profession. This course will also include a series of projects based on guided internet research and will require a series of in-depth research projects on specific professions of interest to individual students. This class is open to students who have completed at least one semester of high school level Health.

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Intro. to Business/Personal Finance

Into. to Business/Personal Finance is a semester (.50 credit) class designed to introduce students to how business functions in today's society and will provide a foundation for other business courses. In addition, elements of Personal Finance will be included. The following units will be covered: The Context of Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Banking, Management, Financial Literacy. This class is open to all high school aged students.

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Pre-Calc./Trig (Math 111,112)

Pre-Cal./Trig is a year-long (1.0 high school credit) dual credit class through BMCC. Students will enroll winter term for Math 111 and Spring term for Math 112. The class covers the following content for the two classes throughout the entire school year.

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Success 101

Success 101 is a dual credit freshman level semester class (.50 HS credit, 3 credits EOU) designed to meet the district requirements for Success 101. This class is focused on providing students the opportunity to examine their own lives, explore and evaluate a wide range of education and career options, and make reasoned and researched goals for their future. This class uses curriculum produced by Academic Innovations, including This class is designed to be taken by students in grades 10-12 who for one reason or another have not had the opportunity to earn the Success 101 credit through a traditional setting (i.e. transfer students, etc.), and are not appropriate to sit through a 9th grade class.

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Survey of Special Education

Survey of Special Education is a semester class (.50 credit) designed for students who have an interest in exploring education as a profession. More specifically, it is designed as an introductory course in Special Education. The class covers a broad range of topics beginning with the History of Special Education; the 13 Disability Categories; Assessment; Individualized Education Plans (IEP); and Parent, Teacher, and Support Personnel information. This class is open to all high school aged students.

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