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(More information about Oregon laws, policies and answers regarding home schooling can be found on the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) website.)

Parents or Guardians must meet the following two requirements to home school in Oregon:

1. Notification

Parents/guardians of children between the ages of six (provided that the birth date is on or before September 1) and eighteen must notify their local ESD of intent to teach their child/children at home. In order for us to keep our records current, we ask you notify us with changes, including address or academic status. Oregon law requires you notify the IMESD if you move out of Morrow, Umatilla, Union or Baker counties so that we may remove your child/children from our records.

  • Notify your local Education Service District (ESD), of your intent to home school your child by registering online. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • For questions, please e-mail homeschoolatimesd.k12.or.us
  • Non-electronic registrations also accepted. Click here for printable form.

2. Testing

A qualified, neutral test proctor must administer an approved test before August 15th at the end of grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. If your child has never attended public or private school, the first test must be completed prior to the end of grade 3 and continue to the end of grades 5, 8, and 10.  If your child was withdrawn from public school, they are exempt from testing for 18 months; students then follow the standard testing schedule.

Testing Information for 2020 Click on the link for testing information for Pendleton or Hermiston sites.

Testing Registration for 2020 Click on the link for registration form for Pendleton or Hermiston sites.

For testing information in the La Grande area, please call Colandra Johnson at (541)786-8560 or via email at 11applecreek11atgmail.com.


Online Schooling

If your child is enrolled in an online school such as Connections Academy, Baker Web Academy, K-12 Online, etc., you do not need to provide notice of home school. Even though your child is learning from home, they are actually enrolled in a public school.


Parents/guardians are responsible for curriculum, including selection and purchase costs. Typically, each county has an organized Home School Association that can assist in curriculum selection and advice. The IMESD does not offer curriculum consulting or purchasing services.

Educational Progress

Upon request from the ESD, test results must be submitted for evaluation of satisfactory educational progress, as pursuant to OAR 581-021-0026(5) after grades 3, 5, 8 and 10 are completed. If the ESD determines satisfactory progress has been made, the parent is allowed to continue to teach their child at home, in accordance with Oregon Law. If the ESD determines satisfactory progress has not been made, a plan of assistance may be put into effect according to the Oregon Administrative Rules governing home schooling.

Interscholastic Activities

Special Education Services

When IMESD receives notice of a child on an IEP being home taught, it will notify the resident district. As required by law, the resident district will offer the parent opportunity for the child to receive special education and related services if the child were enrolled in the district; and opportunity for an IEP meeting to consider providing special education and related services to the child with a disability in conjunction with home schooling.


Students who are home schooled do not earn credits for graduation. Furthermore, ESDs do not award diplomas to home school students. Local high schools do not award diplomas to home schooled students, nor do they normally recognize a students' home school experience to grant credits toward graduation. However, a school district may have other policies regarding course work done outside school. Please contact your resident district for information about types of course work that may be acceptable.

Student Records

The ESD does not maintain individual student files for home school students.  The student’s cumulative file is maintained by the last public school attended.


Home school students must obtain a Statement of Enrollment form from IMESD prior to receiving a driver’s permit or license. Please contact the IMESD well in advance to obtain the appropriate document. Statement of Enrollment form can be requested on the Home Schoool Site. https://homeschool.imesd.k12.or.us/

GED Release

Sixteen and seventeen year old home school students wishing to obtain a General Educational Diploma, must complete a GED Release form.  The form can be obtained by going to the Home School site and requesting it. Students must be registered at least three months prior to being released.https://homeschool.imesd.k12.or.us/


All inquiries regarding home school should be sent to homeschoolatimesd.k12.or.us or
Lizette Berryessa, Administrative Assistant

For more information about home schooling in Oregon, refer to ORS 339.035 at this link: Home School Laws in Oregon.

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