Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data Driven Decision Making is a training designed to build the skills of school teams and central office administrators in examining student achievement data, identifying areas of high achievement and needed development, setting SMART goals, and establishing action plans for monitoring progress and meeting goals

The training will equip participants to facilitate theregular and systematic collection of data to support continuous data-driven decision making at the school and district levels. A setting for participants will be provided to examine their own real data on real students so that the process presented is understood in context.

Data Teams

The Data Teams seminar will give answers to the question “How can we make the most effective use of our PLC time?” It is designed for classroom teachers who will serve as PLC or data team leaders, the PLC or data team members, and principals who will serve as the key support person for data team leaders. The data-driven decision making process comes alive and participants will learn specific skills and steps to use in their PLCs.