The IMESD Nursing Program provides services for districts by helping to clearly identify the healthcare needs of special education and regular education students on a 504 Plan (birth through 21 years). These include students with special health needs such as seizures, asthma, severe allergies (food, insect bites, etc.) diabetes, shunts, gastrostomy tubes, tracheotomies or catheterizations.

The nurse writes medical protocols and health management plans with input from parents and physicians and provides training to staff about those plans. This ensures that school staff members understand the medical needs of children and know what to do in an emergency.

The Consulting Nurse Referral and Medical Release of Information forms are both required for referral for nursing services through IMESD:


  • Comprehensive nursing assessment of student's health status
  • Development of a Healthcare Protocol which is specific to the individual student and training
  • Ongoing consultation with parents, student, physicians, community resources
  • Development of Health Management Plan (HMP) and Bus Protocol, which is updated annually or as needed
  • Participation in development of IEP/IFSP and 504 Plans
  • Training of staff per Health Management Plan, including Anticipated Emergency Tasks such as EpiPen injection, Glucagon injection, Diastat Rectal Gel
  • Delegation of nursing tasks (i.e. g-tube feeding, tracheotomy suctioning), which are student-specific


Corrina Robinson
Director of Special Education Administration

Lindsay Mitchell
Administrative Assistant

Personnel Data:
2.0 FTE

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