Migrant Summer School

The purpose of the Migrant Summer School Program is to help students meet Oregon's state standards in reading and math and ultimately to graduate from high school. Specific standards to focus upon are identified for each grade level.

  • Preschool through 12th grade for eligible Migrant students (depending on the site)
  • Priority given to students who are failing or at risk of failing state benchmarks and that have had their education interrupted within the last year. 
  • Focus on state standards in reading, math and high school credit retrieval
  • English Language Development
  • Contact local Recruiters/Home School Consultant recruiters or ELL teacher for referral and eligibility information.
  • Employment information available in February of each year.

The program collaborates with area school districts and co-funds summer school, serving students from Milton-Freewater, Stanfield, Hermiston, Irrigon, Umatilla, Echo, Cove and Boardman.

For information on how to apply for employment with the Summer School Program, please contact:

  • Hermiston - Loretta Fitterer Loretta.Fittererathermiston.k12.or.us
  • Umatilla - Nicole Coyle coylenatumatillasd.org
  • Boardman - Cathie Prindle Cathie.Prindleatmorrow.k12.or.us
  • Irrigon - Kaira Rysdam Kaira.Rysdamatmorrow.k12.or.us




Eric Volger
Migrant Coordinator